IBM Edge day 2

Day 2 started of with more of Delta Rae in the general session which was an excellent way to start out the day.
There was more talk of flash arrays, Tom Rosamilia brought up a person from sprint. They have implemented flash arrays and seen a 45x improvement in response time in their applications and are seeing cost savings due to flash arrays taking less power and less space. As a mid tier customer I do wonder what the ROI is on an all flah array if you do not need them from performance due to power and cooling reduction.
Dr. Bernie Meyerson came up and talked about cyber threats and how using analytics can help you be agile enough to respond to unknown attacks before loss of data happens. He had a chart that showed that the number of unknown attacks I on the rise. Unknown attacks as in attacks were data was stolen and only realized after the fact, and worse no one knows how it happened.
Next was a talk by Dr. Samuel Nussbaum about how Watson was changing healthcare and how it was being used to pick the best treatment plan for oncology patients. While it was very cool to see how Watson is changing health care I am not sure from a technical point of view how valuable this was for me.
Last was David Becker from Pew charitable trust and Jeff Jonas from IBM to talk about how his G2 engine help 7 states increase voter registration and figure out if people had moved or not. I would like to have heard more fromJeff Jonas he was an excellent speaker.
Went into some more technical sessions overall had better success with the sessions I chose ironically I only had 2 different presenters Jim blue talking about Fiber channel technologies and more with Brian Sherman about DS8000 mirroring and Svc. Jim and Brian are both excellent presenters and very knowledgeable.

Day 2 ended without me yet having a real wow moment from learning/seeing something I need to get at work asap, hopefully tommorow.


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