IBM Edge Day 4

This will probably be my last post about Edge I only have time for one session tomorrow.
First session was a session about the future of IBM’s storage virtualization products (SVC/Storwise). Coming features include three tiers for easy tier new 2u hardware that has the ups built in with configurable processors and cache, multiple FC/fcoe cards and eventually encryption. The spoke more on the change that allows system i connect to SVC/storwise and it appears the change was made on the system i side not storage. Meaning the currently releases version of SVC code can connect to system i assuming you have the correct code level on the i. Since the change was made on the i, I do wonder if that means finally any storage from any vendor can now connect to the system i.
I went to a v7000 unified class the presenter spent most of the time open how to get the file side setup. Unfortunately this reminded me of a typical IBM experience in the past it seemed overly complicated and a lot of command line configuration. He went over setting up ip’s and permissions in my experience this is way easier to do on both Netapp and EMC file offerings.
Over all I have enjoyed IBM Edge. Before I came I am not sure i would have considered a storwise or a pure system. If you asked me know to choose between a flexpod, vblock, or pure flex I would probably choose the pure flex , mainly because of the storwise storage that would let me virtualized any other storage I might have. I think Netapp needs to get on their game from talking to other customers Netapp’s sans are much more expensive than both EMC VNX and IBM v7000 and I believe that both EMC and IBM will continue to take market share from Netapp in mid tier storage market.
I only had a few complaints about IBM Edge. The first one is the quality of the tweets about edge were very low,mostly marking speak did not see a lot of discussion or opinions, this is not a huge deal at but the next one is. Next year more computers for labs and a better lab setup. I attempted to go to 4 labs and was unable to do any of them. There seemed to be 12-16 computers for the labs and with 4000+ people that is not going to be enough. However even worse were the computers could not do every lab and some case I saw 4 people grouped together to work on one computer. IBM Edge has told me via twitter that the will have more computers next year.
IBM seems to be doing what other “Big Data” companies have been doing, they have introduce things to make IT admins life easier such as a GUI management system for TSM. The are unifying the look of their management GUIs so they feel the same no matter what IBM storage product you are on. They may have been late to the flash and unified (pure flex) system game but they are all in with what appear to be very good products.
The only real question I have for IBM’s future will be what happens with their server division if it is sold off and how that will affect the power and flex systems.


One thought on “IBM Edge Day 4

  1. rich swain

    Great points. Let me know which labs you were interested in and maybe we can put something together for the user group


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