San Testing round 1

Decided it was time to do some testing on my sans to get an idea of what iops they are capable off. I used a windows 2008 r2 base server to start my testing, with the MS mpio drivers. Test were ran using the sqlio tool from microsoft. I will add the vendor mpio drivers later. I am testing the EMC VNX, NetApp FAS3210 , IBM DS8100 behind IBM SVC and VNX behind IBM SVC. SVC and the VNX are on the 8Gbs FC, while the FAS3210 and IBM DS8100 are on 4gbs FC.

The VNX is using auto tier (FAST VP), wtih 200 GB of FAST Cache, the Raid 5 storage pool that has 100 gb SSD, 600gb and 300gb 15K, 300gb 10K and 2tb 7.2K drives in it.

Netapp FAS3210 I am using an Aggregate with 15 1tb 7.2 k disk.

DS8100 is a Raid 10 with 96 73gb 15k disks.

The first round of test were done with w2k8 r2 right out of the box using the windows native mpio driver. SQLio is using a 64k block size and writing or reading a 50gb file. Here are the Results. As expected the 8100 was the best performer, the NetApp and the VNX were Close, in fact the Netapp beat out the VNX .

Storage System iOs/Sec Mbs/Sec Ran/SEQ io Read or Write
8100 4700.85 293.8 Random Write
8100 4820.72 301.29 Sequential Write
8100 15115.02 944.68 Random Read
8100 13950.89 871.93 Sequential Read
VNX/Auto Tier 445.94 27.87 Random Write
VNX/Auto Tier 3783.15 236.44 Sequential Write
VNX/Auto Tier 4007.63 250.47 Sequential Read
VNX/Auto Tier 1570.34 98.14 Random Read
NETAPP 883.45 55.21 Random Read
NETAPP 284.96 17.81 Random Write
NETAPP 4503.39 281.46 Sequential Read
NETAPP 2725.82 170.36 Sequential Write
VNX/SVC 4638.99 289.93 Sequential Write

The next set of test I loaded SP1 for w2k8, I know there were some improvements in the mpio driver, however… I was not expecting the results I got below.  The VNX and the 8100 made huge improvements on write where reads were a little slower with the new mpio driver. However the FAS3210 had a decrease in io across the board. Later on I will load the Vendor MPIO drivers and see what the results are.

Storage System iOs/Sec Mbs/Sec Ran/SEQ io Read or Write
8100 7327.36 457.96 Random Write
8100 7439.3 464.95 Sequential Write
8100 10815.27 675.95 Random Read
8100 16070.83 1000.42 Sequential Read
VNX/Auto Tier 7372.79 460.79 Random Write
VNX/Auto Tier 7168.43 448.02 Sequential Write
VNX/Auto Tier 3001.21 187.57 Sequential Read
VNX/Auto Tier 6668.09 416.75 Random Read
NETAPP 681.34 42.58 Random Read
NETAPP 693 43.31 Random Write
NETAPP 2147.03 134.18 Sequential Read
NETAPP 1378.91 86.18 Sequential Write
VNX/SVC 4593.66 287.1 Sequential Write
VNX/SVC 632.38 39.52 random Write

More to come later I am going to tweak the block size and see if I can find were they perform the best.


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