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IBM Edge day 3

So no more general sessions just presentations for the rest if the week.
I finally had that wow moment today. On June 1st IBM announced native support for direct/fabric attach of IBM i to v7000/SVC storwise. This is huge for us as we were looking to replace our 8100, 4800, 6800, 5100 and VNX with a new Enterprise storage system and consolidate on one platform. However due to budget constraints it was looking like we were just going to have to keep the VNX and 5100 and use our 8100 our colo facility instead of the VNX. We still need to work out the logistics however in my head 2 v7000 at our main site and take our 4 node Svc cluster to colo with the VNX. This could save us money in lots of way the only obstacle i see right now is we were looking to do encryption on the 8870, so we may need to look into some Brocade encryption switches.
IBM new blade system which they call a gen 2 blade system is called flex system,a coupe if things stood out here to me. You can order power i blades , actually any power blades and all inter blade server communication stays in the chassis. I do not know if you can manage and configure multiple blade chassis and servers in one place like you can with Cisco UCS, from what I was able together you cannot however the flex system can hold 14 blades vs the UCS 8.